How far should we go?

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This is my part 2 rant of the surrogates movie.

For starters I want to explain where I am in this. I do play a lot of world of warcraft, many hours a week actually. I’m also dating someone I meet while playing the game, in fact we have been together for almost 3 years now.

What does that say about my opinion of online relationships now? Well, it says I support them and I see the potential of online relationships. I guess I’m here aruging the good side of 2nd life. Only, I personally dislike it …

Here my problem with it,
I started playing World of Warcraft (WoW), as a game, I did not intend to meet anyone online, as a matter of fact, I was in a relationship with someone else at the time. I didn’t play the game looking for match making, or to leave my (now ex) boyfriend.
I understand 2nd life can be used for careers, such as buisness meetings and selling products. Aside from that, I can not see a reason to use 2nd life.
As a person who spends a lot of her time online, and with the internet as one of the only means for me to talk to my boyfriend, I understand how important it is to have ways of staying in touch. Here’s my question though, is there it impossible for you to meet ? Are you light years away from each other? Right now, my boyfriend is here visiting me from the states, 6 hour drive. Sure, let’s argue some people do not have the luxury of owning a vehicle, or even living on the same side of the planet. Then my question is, are you happy with spending REAL money, for fake money to spend time online at some mall, instead of spending that REAL money for REAL life experience at the mall ?

I guess , my dislike is only towards the most extreme cases of users. I mean, I still go to school, go out, hand out with friends, and I love food. I need to leave the house basically is what I’m saying. But that doesn’t change the fact that I also spend a large number of hours on WoW.

I think, all in all… having relationships online is great. One of the greatest things is that you can truly connect with someone, there’s no other distractions. But I think, sometimes it can get carried away, and being someone online with no conciquences is tempting. For example, in 2nd life, you are given the ability to fly, and teleport. And in WoW, I can cast magic spells, and win epic battles with friends.I think what I’m getting at is, as long as you realize it’s not real, and there is a life for you outside of technology. then it’s okay. When your life is the technology you use and play, then.. you’ve probably gone too far.




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Two nights ago, I watched the movie Surrogates…

Here’s a brief summery, basically what happens is in the near future, someone develops military equipment that allows humans to use their minds and control robots ( aka surrogates) . Later the technology because so advanced and accessable, everyone is now using surrogates, and no one is leaving their home. The main tagline of the company that makes these robots is “live life… better” Surrogates allow people to do anything they want , without worry of harming their actual bodies, such as sky diving or being run over by a car. Also, they allow people to take on any form they want, men can be women or vice versa, and all the surrogates look like beautiful super models. Now everyone can look however they want and do whatever they want, everything is done by their surrogate.

Now, to the point…

The movie of course has a plot line and all the usual stuff, but what I’m actually relating to is the fact that 98% of the human population in this movie was using a fake identity. In our actual reality, there are thousands of people also using a fake identity in things like 2nd life. In this movie, every “controller” was gray, worn out, and looked like a complete mess. Makes you wonder, how many people behind their 2nd life avatar are actually health human beings. If you can sit at your computer all day and pretend to be someone else, what happens to yourself? This movie tackles some huge problems, the creator of surrogates goes and tries to correct what he’s made , because he wants people to “live” again. So, how far exactly should be take these avatars, and when does it overtake their lives?

P.s. There will be a part 2 to this. ahaha… I figure I sound like a hypocrite since I am a devoted world of warcraft player. I should give my personal story.