interesting catch phrases.

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so, I was looking though stuff I had written, and… I refer to movies a lot. hahaha

Anyways, that was basically what I wanted to say, then when I started a new post, I realized, headings are hard to write 😦

I realized by now , I sorta write with two voices. One of which is this sorta essay-ish type voice that is drilled into my head from school. This occures when I’m trying to talk about something that involves thought. (and is usually in the media technology and the my 2 cents categories) And the 2nd voice, well is the one I’m using right now where it’s mostly casual conversation. (basically stuff i’m putting in the “still kicking” category, until I make a section for mindless blabble)

By now, I’m sorta realize where I want to write if I was to create a blog. I like referring to movies for examples. I studied quite a few literary courses in school, and for some reason loved book reports. I enjoy reading and watching stories unfold, and making meanings of them.  That, and I’ll connect easier with those who have also seen these movies. (mind I never watch horror films, so don’t expect those, except for maybe two that I’ve been forced to watch)

Anyways, I’m mainly touching on stuff I learned about blogging, and how my creative thinking works. I also realized I tend to remind myself to spell check a lot, but I constantly forget. So, please excuse my typos for now. 🙂

and… last comment.

coming up with creative headings are hard. sometimes I just want to get on with it and write what’s coming to mind. But I keep getting stuck at the heading. I know the importance of a title, to interest the reader and capture their attention, to make them want to read what’s in the praragraph. but really, what I wrote at the top has nothing to do with what I’ve written here.

anyways…. on with the day.