– a little bit of me –

Dear Reader,

I believe this is where I write about well, who I am what I do, things like that.

I am currently a 3rd year student, graduating from a Visual and Creative Arts Program.

The reason for this blog, well, really it’s for an assignment for school. I must admit though, I’ve always wanted to blog, but I’ve never came around to it. Although, I think when I do seriously blog, I think of a more exciting title for my page.

Other things about myself… I love reading, and am a obsessed World of Warcraft player. I give Blizzard Entertainment way too much of my little spending money. I’m currently living with 4 roommates and a cat. (he’s a tabby ^^) Life is good.

Really, all I think about is how this page is for school… and I’m sorta forcing myself to think “if this was real.. what would I write..” I’ll keep updating, don’t worry. I’m basically saying, check back often!

Thanks for reading this regardless, and I hope your still sane after wards.


p.s. I use a lot of commas >< I know this. I type like I talk…  I also use a lot of smiley faces, if you don’t like them this is not the page for you. 😀


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