John F. Simon

Posted in media techonolgy at 9:42 am by Melly

Part of my assignment for this blog is to research an artist using new media and write about them. We were given a long list of artists to help in our search.

Since I had no information on any of the artists, I just choose names at random until I came across a piece that caught my eye. I ended up on, John F. Simon Jr. At first it was because I liked one of the pieces and thought it looked really cool, so I checked out his website. I then went into the gallery and looked at other pieces. (There’s a link at the bottom btw)

This is when the media list caught my eye, at this point I had forgotten that I was reaching artist who used new media in their art work. Here is the list I saw.

These large works vary from 4′ to 6′ wide and all are about 4′ tall.
They incorporate a variety of materials including: 31″ LCD Screens,
Mac Mini Computers, Formica, acrylic plastic, paper, paint, and mirrors.

Studying as an artist myself, I skimmed though the first line, getting a quick mental image of the size of the work. But it was the 31″LCD screens that caught my eye. My thoughts were “Wha?” and then reading about the Mac mini computers as well , I became very curious about this work.

Anyways, I just took a pause from writing and looked at more of Simon’s pieces,in the gallery there is a video link under each art work. These videos are what the LCD screens are used for, and are incorporated into the art work. I absolutely love the idea, and I think  his artist sense is wonderful. I also love the colour palettes he uses and the simplicity of shapes and lines. Really this work is fun to watch.  My favourite collection on his art work page is the Winds Across the Inner Sea.  Sadly his website is not very interesting and the layout isn’t exactly appealing, nevertheless I recommend checking it out.

http://www.numeral.com/index.html  < — website link

http://www.numeral.com/panels/winds/ < —- this is the series I personally enjoy, watch the video’s it’s cool 😀


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