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So, you wouldn’t think sitting at your computer typing would be so hard.

This is almost as hard as writing a book!

I think to be a successful blogger, you must have something interesting to write about, and a creative / unique voice.

To be honest, when I think of blogging now, I think of the book/movie Julie and Julia. Where one of the main characters, Julie, starts a blog about her cooking though Julia Child’s cookbook. (good movie btw)

Meanwhile, I feel like if I’m to blog, I’d want to write about something a. important to me, b. I think people would find interesting to read, and preferably , c. slightly amusing.
Of course, that’s all easier said then done.
I considered writing about my life, about what’s important to me, about things that happen, and my opinion… but who am I to write that, and why would someone care?
I considered, writing about things everyone knows about, music, movies, books… then again, who hasn’t done that?
Writing can’t just be writing for the sake of writing, I feel like I need a purpose to write whatever goes here..

well I guess the point of me writing this whole post is actually, I wanted to admit a new respect for those who are successful bloggers. Really, where do you come up with it, and how do you keep it interesting!

blogging isn’t just typing on your computer…


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  1. Elaine said,

    Excellent observation. You should write about what interests you, as that will make you interesting to others too. As for what you have to do for class, it gives you a topic, research and a goal. After that you’re on your own with it.
    BUT you can link still those topics to your own interests.

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