2nd Life

Posted in media techonolgy at 8:12 pm by Melly

So, these above images are from when my class took an online field trip on 2nd life. It was a cool idea, pretty interesting. I mean, I go with people online at least 2 a week to certain events on WoW. So it’s not something new for me. However many of my classmates were really into this idea. I personally liked when we all came together and we were able to see how everyone had designed their characters.  (Above is a group photo of all of us in a sculpture in 2nd life. We’re all pretty different)I don’t know if I appreciated much of what was in the vitrual world really, I think it’s because I’m used to being able to see whatever on the computer. I’m used to look up an art work and having it show to me, the only difference with 2nd life was that I could technically “move around” in the area.

Above are images of myself and two friends playing in a band, we walked up with our avatars and clicked on the instruments and that was it. Sure you can argue, look we can all play together in a band! But I’ve played RockBand with roommates and friends, and it’s much more exciting. I guess if I was talking to someone from say, China, and we were playing together in that same band, I’d still say… we walked/flew up to the platform and clicked on the instruments. I’m not exactly sure how that’s supposed to be exciting…

I think to enjoy this program, you need people around you who are interested in it, and you need a certain goal . I can’t see logging in to just click on what dance moves you can find to be something anyone would want to spend hours on doing.


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